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Want to save money on transaction costs? Give your customers the freedom to pay with VcashPay (VCP).
It’s simple, it’s low fee and can be accessed instantly.

Low fees
Low transaction fees on the network, VcashPay (VCP) reduces costs while keeping the payment process simple for the customer.

With intuitive wallets and instant transactions, VcashPay (VCP) cuts out the stress of payments for both you and your customers.

Simple integrations
Getting setup to accept VcashPay (VCP) is simple, thanks to the services available both online and through physical point-of-sale devices.

Accepting VcashPay (VCP), Made Easy
Want to accept VcashPay (VCP) payments? Explore the growing list of third-party managed services and accompanying merchant tools below.

Looking for deeper integration?
For tailoring a more specific integration for your business operations, head over to our Build on VcashPay (VCP) page. There are more details on how to get a node running, integration guides for building on the node, and more support for making VcashPay (VCP) work for you.

Testnet node:
Testnet faucet:
Testnet ports: 15874 (peer networking), 6876 (UI), 6877 (API_SSL)

Resource Links
Woocomerce plugin
Build a node
API reference
Custom Integration API login

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