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Running a Node Overview
Running a node is a key way to help decentralize the network and provide a network access point for systems built on top of VcashPay (VCP). Before setting up a node we recommend reviewing the following details in order to understand more about the motivations for running, required upkeep, types and recommended specifications for nodes.

Why run a node?
By design, the incentives for running a VcashPay (VCP) node are not built into the network itself, but instead are external. This is an important difference compared to nearly all other cryptocurrency networks and allows VcashPay (VCP) to operate securely.

Advertising exposure from their representative showing up on curated representative lists
Transaction fee savings for businesses and organizations accepting VcashPay (VCP) as payment
Helping support and further decentralize a global payment network
Having a trusted access point for building additional software on the network
Regardless of the motivation for running a node, it will only benefit the network if proper care is taken to ensure it is run on correctly provisioned machines and ongoing maintenance of the node, OS and any supporting systems are routinely done.

Live Node List

Looking for deeper integration?
For tailoring a more specific integration for your business operations, head over to our Build on VcashPay (VCP) page. There are more details on how to get a node running, integration guides for building on the node, and more support for making VcashPay (VCP) work for you.

Build a node

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